flax or kleist to some

b. april 8th

a vision of supernatural horror

commonly found idling in world 323

rsn: krizalid | alt: kyo kusanagi

click here to view whatever this is honestly

about me


i draw sometimes but i get art blocked a lot lol.

i love jungle and drum and bass a lot. some other genres i like are ambient, experimental, industrial/noise, metal, and different vgm. my last.fm.

old school runescape is my favorite game. maxed/infernal with 22/46 pets. my favorite skill is slayer. my favorite content is solo chambers of xeric. my main talent is dying, usually at inferno or raids.

i really like king of fighters. i like the orochi and nests saga. my favorite character is krizalid. i also like kyo, chizuru, leona, original zero, heidern, and a bunch of others lmao.

i play tekken sort of rarely. i have a big soft spot for 3, 4, and tag 1. i like using bryan or kazuya.